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This is a humor blog that is mainly in Swedish. But occasionally here is humor in English. The English posts can be found under the heading Greetings from Sweden .

About the post Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth – kontexten för helvete!, se comment below.

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  1. About the post Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth – kontexten för helvete!

    Since my post about Sweden’s culture minister’s action yesterday has attracted many international readers , I have added a short text in English that summarizes the text of the post:
    I believe that a politician (like Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth) must be aware of how her actions are perceived regardless what her intention was. And such an experienced politician like Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth should not have become involved in a situation like this. Furthermore, I dont belive that a politician – even if she’s minister of culture – should participate in a work of art. This is as bad as if our Attorney General would intervene in individual legal case. This is a violation of Swedish law.
    However, I also think that Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth made a mistake – although a large one. I know that her ambitions are the opposite of what her actions showed yeasterday.
    I do not blame Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth to be a racist or be an advocate of female genital mutilation.
    I blame Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth to be incredibly naive and stupid.
    Which is a very bad quality in a politician. But all too common…


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